• Side by Side

     Hook and Loop woven Side by Side 

     Ideal for zipper puller, suit your particular applications.

  • Weldable Tape

    Pre-coated dry adhesive on the tape.

      Bond to various fabrics and PVC substrates. 

      Activated by the use of ultrasonic or high

        frequency machinery.

  • Uni - Tape

     Mixed Hook/Loop separable fasteners woven on

        one surface, self-gripping closure. 

     Has a good surface touch and causes no damage

        to adjacent textile.

  • Unnapped Loop

       Weave loops oriented in neat rows, skin friendly.

       Higher cycle life and lower peel and shear strength. 

        Application: Apparel, Infant products, Medical Care. 

  • Self-Gripping Tape

     Ideal for Cable Management & Bundle Ties

      We provide three kinds of material combination:

        HL Type (Hook & Loop), ML Type (Mushroom + LT weight Tricot) 

        SV Type (Soft Hook + Very LT weight Tricot)

  • Soft Hook

    Compatible with wide variety of Loops and Tricot fabric

    Ideal for Medical applications, Infant goods

        and Apparel accessories. 

    Skin Friendly

  • Mushroom Tape

      100% Nylon for the base part and Polypropylene for

         Mushroom Hook Part.

      For applications requiring a thin closure with high

         gripping performance.


  • Fire Retardant Tape

     With Fire Retardant treatment for Industrial use.

      Test Method F.A.R 25.853(a)/F25.1(a)(1)(ii)

         and F.M.V.S.S. 302.

       Available with or without rubber adhesive backing.

  • Coin Adhesive backed

     Rubber-Based Adhesive

     Recommended for Bags, Office, School and

        Household use. 

  • C-Loop

    Soft knits offer patient comfort

    Compatible with wide variety of fastener hooks

    Ideal for strap application: Orthopedic Bracing, Helmet

        Straps, Shin Guards.

  • Z-Loop

     Double Face Lt. Knit Loop made by zigzag stitch

     Compatible with wide variety of fastener hooks 

     Ideal for strap application: Orthopedic Bracing,

         Helmet Straps, Shin Guards.

  • Stretchable Loop

    Compatible with variety of fastener hooks.

    Stretches tight for a snug fit. 

    Fully adjustable Loop, optional sizes are available.